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Alex & Janine getting ready for their Spain/Morocco trip, Sept. 2011

September 12, 2011

You just have to get started somewhere with your first-ever blog, don’t you?

So here’s where we’re starting with this one – telling you that we are getting ready for our trip to Spain/Morocco in about a week’s time. Actually, I think it’s appropriate to cover this part of travel because, for me, the preparation, planning and the anticipation that builds up are very enjoyable and exciting parts of any trip. Janine works on the itineraries, so it’s only at this stage that I start to see the details – where we go to first, what the hotel looks like, when we pick up the car, what car it might be. This is where the fun starts.

One amusing way I prepare for driving on the right: on a large piece of paper I outline road carriageways and crossings; I then get a toy car and visualise driving along, making turns etc. Looks funny, but it’s effective for me in internalising the changes before I get behind the steering wheel in Madrid traffic.

Photo attached here from our India trip in February 2011.

There. First-ever blog has been started.

From → Alex and Janine

  1. I want to see a photo of you with the toy car, paper and crayons!! Maybe you could set up a ‘driving over-seas, tips with Alex’ course in the office once a month. x dan

  2. JoanC Clarke permalink

    Good for you, precocious Mifsuds. I don’t think Janine will be bothered by blogs. It took her 5 years to turn her mobile phone on once a week.
    Have a marvellous time, Bon Voyage and bon chance.

    • Perceptive as always Joan. However, some progress has been made as Janine spent the night in bed with iPad2 and she even discovered UTube for the very first time. But yes, that doesn’t mean you can get her on her mobile when you need to. Alex,

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