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Home today, Dubai tonight and Madrid tomorrow.

September 24, 2011

For a travel blog, this one is still grounded at home base. But only a few hours to departure this evening, so I’m happy to just do a little more practice with these posts on my notebook computer before the iPad and smart phone take over on the trip.

I’m still unsure about uploading my pictures when I blog with the iPad or smart phone. Worst comes to worst, I’ll have to edit them from my computer on my return. Still in the spirit of practice, here I am uploading a “view from a room” pic from home. I’ve spoken to other travelers who also take their “view from a room” shot from each of their travel accommodation stops. Janine and I have done this with each of our trips. It quickly locates our destinations and the variety of “views” is incredible – ranging anywhere from a grimy, smog-filled backstreet outlook in Beijing to a sunfilled, vibrant vista of Copacabana in Rio.

Wonder what our next view from a hotel room in Madrid will look like?

(By the way, quite a bit of humour at my expense from the family reacting to my little toy car visualising of driving on the right-hand-side.)

From → Alex and Janine

  1. Maggie Noran permalink

    Just back from first visit to Fiji.
    Great fun as 18 of us celebrated a friend’s 80th.
    The view out our window was of a opalm friged Fijian beach.
    A hard life but someone has to do it

  2. celia harris permalink

    Good start Alex. Will look forward to reading more.


    PS This is just to let you know at least 1 person is following your travels……….

  3. Janette permalink

    Here I am waiting with baited breathe ! MTC launch last night looks good rubbed shoulders with Noni Hazlehurst theme for 2012 Don’t Miss The Moment – sounds appropriate for you too ! J xx

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