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How do you know you are staying at the best hotel in Madrid?

September 28, 2011

Our Madrid hotel.How do you know you are staying at the best hotel? Because all the other tourists are walking over to  this hotel and taking photos, thatś how you know.Now let me put a little context around this. We are not talking 5 star here; itś only got a 4 star rating, it is small and doesn have all the plush luxuries of the grand hotels etc. But it has wonderful architecture, character, is situated in a picturesque area of the old district and in the heart of Madrid near Plaza Mayor. Got the picture? (Petit Palace Posada Del Peine, Calle Postas, 17, 28012 Madrid.

We have been walking everywhere and loving the plazas, the angled streets and beautiful buildings of about 3 to 5 stories high, the eating places and …the people.

How do you measure the anxiety and stress levels of a city? You do not need  sociological data. Over ten minutes, simply count the number of times you hear car horns being used. Madrid fares very well.

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