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Food that makes you want to lick your plate in public.

September 30, 2011

There’s a few places like this – in spite of the fact that they are so touristy, they are so breathtakingly beautiful that it doesn’t matter one bit.
So that’s how it is here in San Sabastian. But it’s the food that’s got us drooling. Pintxos are best described as something between an appetizer and an entree. That gives you an idea of size. You then select from a mouthwatering list of about six to ten pintxos.It turns it into a mini degustation, but nowhere near as expensive. I can’t find the words this morning to describe the sensational tastes; put it this way, it makes you not just want to lick your plate, but you feel like standing up in the restaurant and swipe away at the plate with your tongue as an accolade to the chefs who are creating these dishes.
PS Prado art gallery in Madrid is world class. Train from Madrid to S Sabastian was 5 hours but went much quicker because it was so interesting and picturesque. What a good balance on our itinerary with the car which we pick up tomorrow.
More Pintxos for lunch and dinner today!

From → Alex and Janine

  1. Stan & Sonja permalink

    Hi Alex & Jan,
    You have just missed the best weather here since 1910
    more rain in one day since then. Your trip so far sounds
    awful why didn’t you take us too. Wait until you try the
    spanish paella you wont want to come home. Meagan
    has been to San Sebastion and she said that it is beautiful.
    Enjoy your trip and be careful, I am going to sit down soon
    and hopefully watch Geelong thrash the maggies.
    Can’t wait for your next episode.
    Stan & Sonja.

  2. Gerry permalink

    It’s lunch time here at the moment, Sat 1/10/11, and preping to have my pie and hot dog whilst the leadup to Grand final is on TV. But I wish I was with you tasting those Pintxos. Gerry XO

  3. Hi Janine and Alex,
    It is so good to see you are conquering WordPress! I am sure you will enjoy the drive through Spain. Watch out for the big black bulls beside the roads, the Toro de Osborne!!

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