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First stressful episode of our trip.

October 3, 2011

We had spent a day on the beach and swimming at S Sebastian and all we wanted to do was finish it off with a bottle of wine, some olives and a few crackers in our room. The supermarket offered a good range of local and inexpensive good wines and it was easy to choose our bottle. But they all had corks (do you remember those?). A dilemma because we couldn’t remember if we had packed a corkscrew in our “picnic kit”. We bought the wine anyway, hoping we would have our opener in the room. It was a very tense and stressful walk back to our hotel – not knowing whether or not our picnic kit would reveal the corkscrew to provide the evening and wine we had planned. Relief! The opener was there.
The Guggenheim Art Gallery in Bilbao is a magnificent architectural structure that is definitely world class. Wonderful experience.
We are now on the east coast at Villaviciosa staying in La Casona de Amandi, a 19th century converted farmhouse. Charm. Spacious grounds. Terraces and nooks everywhere. Glass of wine at the corner bar with very friendly locals.

From → Alex and Janine

  1. Gerry permalink

    Lucky I wasn’t with you when you didn’t know if you packed a bottle opener – I would have probably had to start taking my tablets for high blood pressure, again!
    (I’m going to select both options for notifications below – follow-up comments via e-mail & new post via e-mail to test if I get e-mails from you.)

    • Good to see we have a loyal blog follower Gerry. This will test this reply -let me know if and how you see reply 4/10/11, 8.30am our time. xxalexxx

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