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What is it with us and fishing villages?

October 4, 2011

A most delightful day yesterday in the little fishing village of Tazones. In the morning: walked the steep lanes and peered into people’s terraces which overlooked the bay; had coffee; on the wharf we watched the boats come in and the fisherman disentangling fish from the nets. You know what we did at lunchtime: salad, white wine and paella with red crab feet and mussels poking up from their beds of yellow rice. What keeps attracting us to these places on our travels?
And by the way, this is cider country and look out for the photo (when I finally edit it in) of how they pour it. And just so you get the whole day – we lazed on a beautiful bay beach (Rodiles) before returning to our room.

From → Alex and Janine

  1. JoanC Clarke permalink

    All sounds wonderful and from here the dilemma you faced re the cork screw sounded hilarious. Is the cider great? Keep it up and enjoy every minute, including lying on the beach! Joan Clarke

    • Didn’t taste the cider Joan, but Janine almost did in the bar when the elderly gent from the retirement village was pouring into the glass from a great height (age-old tradition), kept missing the glass and splattering Janine.

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