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Cathedral, mass and communion, camino pilgrims, Michael Jackson and student demonstration.

October 6, 2011

Santiago yesterday provided a whole trip’s worth of experiences in one day. One morning really. The Cathedral facade is magnificent and dominates the large square. I found it uninspiring inside, not a place to sit quietly and reflect. Gold everywhere on the altar. We attended a sung mass and took communion. Outside the camino pilgrims were spilling into the square after their 5 week walk, doing group hugs, prostrating themselves on the stone which marks journey’s end. As we walked out of mass, this central spot had been transformed into a small stage, a backdrop and amplifiers at full volume playing music from “Thriller” and a small dance group in costume, including a Michael Jackson look-alike, moonwalking away in front of an audience much bigger than the camino pilgrims had attracted. Not finished yet. Then from the square’s side street appeared 300 chanting student protesters waving their banners in front of one of the official buildings. The only way for us to chuckle over these sights and sounds was to find ourselves a small restaurant on a collonade off a lane way and have squid, Russian salad, crisp white wine and an espresso.
Then back to our modern hotel overlooking the river mouth in the small resort town of Cedeira. The afternoon exploration to the lighthouse on the precarious cliffs was hair-raising. Janine likes to get to the “extremities” (this one north west).

From → Alex and Janine

  1. JoanC Clarke permalink

    Where’s the photos? Lovely living the experience with you, altho would rather be there too. Joan

    • Joan. Trying to upload pics from my smart phone, but it won’t do it; I think I need to increase the limit in our current word press library for this. Will keep trying, but rest assured there are many good pics to view. Alexxxx.

  2. Danielle stucki permalink

    Testing….one…..two…..three. X dan

  3. Danielle stucki permalink

    Sounds fab Dad. Top marks for spelling, grammar, humour and insightful comments. You must also be highly commended for your descriptions of food – it leaves me drooling. You said you were close to Portugal, so if you see a portuguese tart can you buy it and describe every mouthful???!!! Pretty please??

    • Keep reading blog Danielle. Great to get your feedback. Yes, already tried the delicious Portuguese tarts when we last travelled there. Love, Dadxxx.

  4. Gerry permalink


    Seeing how you don’t send photos, I go to Google maps and find you tourist spot and then I transfer the little man onto the map and I take a walk-around. Jusdt saw the cathederal and Cedeira – lovely spots.

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