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October 7, 2011

Only a small population, but we’re glad it’s in our itinerary. The Roman Viaduct dominates the city and so it should – words do it no justice. The cathedral is almost as goood as Leon’s. But I didn’t think that the Alcazar castle would fill us with such delight; mainly because grand-daughter Lucy is enthralled by the Repunzal story and the pictures we’ve taken for her of the towers are going to fill hours of dramatic story-telling. (Walt Disney has used Alcazar for the Repunzal movie setting.)

From → Alex and Janine

  1. Lloyd Cosgriff permalink

    Great to see you are having a fantastic time! could of used some of that info for my project. Love from Lloyd

    • This is a very happy moment in our travels when the great Lloyd responds on our blog. Please keep reading; love the feedback. Check our new twitter travelscenehamp because we may have worked out a way I can upload pics on this twitter. XxxPopGrannyxxx.

  2. Andge permalink

    I wish you had photos – Lucy would love it xx

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