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We leave the laneway, step onto the terrace and all gasp at the breathtaking view of the estuary below. This is why people travel.

October 16, 2011

Our morning tour of Rabat took us to the Kasbah des Oudaias, a walled city, housing a community of very proud Moroccans who have used blue as the dominant colour for their houses (the thinking was that blue repelled mosquitoes, but it simply looks great). But it was what we saw the moment we left these lane ways on the bluff which is magic; spread down below us was the estuary and the Atlantic, boats, sand, emerald and green water colours, and all framed by the cliff faces and the spectacular blue houses. And we had a terrace, pergola, seats, and drinks from whch to savour this very special scene. Why do we travel….?
We were enthralled by the recently-buit Mosque in Casablanca. No money spared for the best of materials and the French architect even specified a retracting roof. Its scale and position can be likened to the Vatican. Not to be missed on a Casablanca visit.
Even though Tangier could be dismissed as another port town, once you walk into the Medina (old city) and its lane ways and markets you quickly get caught up in history, bustle, charm, interest.
But it was Alex the eight-year-old migrant kid who started remembering Alexandria the birth place as we walked along the corniche. It was the same when we sighted Gibraltar; I was instantly transported to our emigration from Egypt and on board our ship my uncle saying, “As soon as we get to Gibraltar over there, we’ll turn left and sail south all the way down the African coast until we get to the Cape of Good Hope….”

From → Alex and Janine

  1. Maggie moran permalink

    John and I loved Fes best. The little crowded alleyways were so full history ans well as people, food and goats.

    • Agree entirely Maggie. So good to get to get this feedback so quickly after our own visit. Thanks for following these posts; please keep reading. Cheers, Alex. (Janine sends her love).

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