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Red Square, Tienneman Square and now Tahrir Square – the feelings are pretty much the same.

March 11, 2012

We walked across the  bridge where just months before  we had been watching on our TV screens at home to see thousands of Cairo protesters head for Tahrir Square. Now we were retracing their steps. It was early in the week and early in the day. Not thousands, but many people of all ages. Our group of seven seemed to be the only tourists there; are we just making this up or did it really feel that the Cairo locals were happy that some tourists were still visiting Egypt and that  we were coming to a place where something important had occurred? Certainly there was no doubt at all that some of them were happy about this – they asked us if they could be photographed with us in group pictures.

Some very important political events have occurred in these place and whether it’s Red Square or Tienneman or Tahrir, you can’t help feeling a more intense reaction compared with other sites you have visited. What your eyes see in front of you now the brain is matching with TV images, newspaper reports and historical facts. And you feel that you are actually there, yourself, in the middle of it. You can’t get this at home just watching TV.

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