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Such generosity we will have to pay for at the Great Pyramids.

March 29, 2012

Our scheduled visit to the Great Pyramids coincided with a sandstorm. I had never been in one before and had probably only “experienced” it on TV in one of those old western movies. Many that day were disappointed that their pyramid pictures were not going to be as clear and sharp as they would on a clear day. But, hey, it’s a desert out there; pyramids in a sandstorm is not too far away from reality is it?

We walk towards the second pyramid. A guard appears. He is wearing a navy blue kind of uniform, so we assume he is an official guide. He directs us to walk a few metres wider from the base of the pyramid; not sure why. Anyway, as usual, we follow such instructions. He reappears to tell us that he will now give us special permission to walk on even more exclusive territory. Guard now turns guide. We understand straight away that such generosity we would have to pay for.

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