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Albee and Aidens Asian Adventure

August 17, 2012

We are very lucky that Mum and Dad own a Travel Agency. As a result we get to travel to many places around the world.

This time we are off to Brisbane to visit our Uncle and Aunties  plus our cousins Bobbie and Shamai and we can’t forget the dogs Lenny and Skipper. Then we are heading to Phuket and Singapore. We are all so excited and hope you enjoy reading our adventures.

First we head off to Brisbane. Seated and very excited.

We arrive safely into Brisbane and take the new tunnel to our apartment. Mantra on Queen. Aiden and I are sharing a bed. Aiden ends up complaining that I kick. I can’t remember doing this though.

We go to our Uncle Michael’s house for dinner where we had fish and chips. We drove with Bobbie to pick them up and we nearly lost our voice singing in the car. We had so much fun.

The next morning we woke up early as we are still so excited. We head down to the Brisbane River and have a walk and ride on bikes across to Southbank. It was so much fun.

In the afternoon we went back to our Uncle and Aunties house and walked the dogs Lenny and Skipper. This was so much fun as we love watching Lenny especially jump into the river catching a stick. He is amazing. You also have to watch your food as he is always hungry. My sausage was never safe.


On Monday the 13th of August we flew off to Phuket via Singapore. It was the first time there for everyone.  The flight was seven hours to Singapore and another one and a half to Phuket. We watched some movies on the plane. I watched the Hunger Games and the Three Stooges and Aiden played the games.

Phuket has two seasons. Wet and Dry. It is always hot. We are in the wet season but the weather was beautiful when we arrived. The hotel we are staying at is called the Angsana. It is a very big hotel with pools, it is on the beach and has it’s very own elephant called Lucky. Our room is huge and has four levels. We messed it up pretty quickly though.


Now the highlight of our hotel here in Phuket so far has been Lucky the elephant. He comes to breakfast at 9.00am. Visits the kids club at 9.30am and then in the afternoon if the sea is not so rough he has a swim. He is so beautiful and gentle and loves getting his photo taken with children and adults.


Lucy has never riden a horse before so we thought it was funny that the first animal she rode was an elephant. If you get a chance come to Phuket and try to stay at Angsana.


Other things we have done is enjoyed the Kids Club. Aiden likes playing the Wii and Lucy liked making masks and drawing. Albee also had the chance to learn how to scuba dive in the pool and would like to take a dive in the ocean one day to see fish rather than pool tiles.


We also went shopping in Patong and bought some dresses, bathers, DVD’s and sunglasses. We really bargained and the prices were so cheap. On the way home we stopped at a beautiful beach called Leam Singh. It was a short walk down a track but it was worth it. We had lunch on the beach at Alice’s cafe it was delicious.


On Friday we moved to a new hotel on the south of Phuket on Rawai Beach called the Vijitt. It is a funny name but a beautiful hotel. It is smaller than the Angsana but our Villa has our own pool. We are so lucky.


Mum and I (Albee) went for a massage and it was a wonderful experience. I did not take a photo but I wish I did as the view was special. The ladies treated me like a queen and also did my nails. I loved spending time with mum getting a massage. Aidens favorite place is the internet room. Does not have a view of the ocean but he is very happy. Lucy also likes the kids club as she has the ladies nearly all to herself and can draw, paint and watch whatever movies she likes. They also have a pool there so she can swim too. She is improving her swimming while she has been away.

We all wanted to see some islands off Phuket so dad booked a day trip to Phi Phi Island. We got picked up at 8.00am from our hotel and then taken down to the wharf. A speed boat took us first to Phi Phi Lai. There was a beautiful bay where the movie The Beach was filmed. It was so busy with many boats and lots more people there.


We left Phi Phi Lai after a quick swim and sped to Phi Phi Don which is the largest island. On the way we stopped at Monkey Beach where some people fed the monkeys from our boat. They could have come for a ride if they wanted to. When then stopped for some lunch and an ice cream plus some shopping. Mum is always shopping and we joke that she could have won a medal in the Olympics if they had it as a sport.


After our lunch and shopping we headed off to our last stop where we swum at another crowded beach but the water was so clear and there was plenty of fish to feed with the bread that we brought along. We also had a ride on the banana but it did not go as fast as we hoped but we still had a great time.  It was a really fun day.


After spending eight nights in Phuket we headed off for the last three nights in Singapore. Dad told us we would have so much fun here so we were really looking forward to it.

The first night we went out to go on the giant ferris wheel called the Singapore Flyer. Aiden was a little scared as it was so high but we got a great view of the city and we think everyone should go on it next time they visit Singapore. Afterwards we went out for dinner at Clark Quay where there we so many beautiful restaurants and lights. We were all pretty tired though and the food prices were a lot higher than Thailand Dad said.


Now today was a real exciting day for us. We got up early and went to Sentosa Island which was a short taxi ride from our hotel. On Sentosa Island they have just opened Universal Studios where they have heaps of rides and shows which is perfect for kids who are looking for fun. It was really hot and busy so getting on rides was hard so we first started watching some shows one Aiden was even in. It was a hip hop show and he got up and danced for Australia. He was great and we all had a big laugh.

They had some big roller coasters there which we went on with dad but our favorite rides were the Transformers Ride and the Revenge of the Mummy Ride. Later in the day we worked out if we went in the line that said single riders we were able to get on in a few minutes rather than wait up to thirty minutes.  We stayed to six and had a great day.


Now if that was not enough fun for us kids our last day was to be spent at Singapore Zoo where we were to have breakfast with the Orangutans. We had to catch a taxi at 8.00am to the zoo were we had a lovely breakfast and waited for the star of the show to arrive. The Orangutans are so cute and they love to have fun. The enclosure that they have at Singapore Zoo is amazing at it allows them to swing through the trees just like they would if they were at home in the jungle. They have so many other animals at the zoo which we saw plus a few shows including Stan the Sea Lion. They also have a splash zone where we had a swim to cool down as it is so hot in Singapore. This was the last day of our holiday so it was a great way to finish off.


We had a wonderful holiday and look forward to our next adventure. Where are we going Mum and Dad?

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  1. Gerry permalink

    Wow, looks like you had a great holiday, visiting family, Singapore and Phuket; interacting with an ephelant, scuba diving…. When I started reading, I thought you had left Lucy at home because you titled this “Albee and Aidens Asian Adventure”, and then I saw her in the pictures. Loved the photos.. See you at Xmas…Gerry

  2. Janine Mifsud permalink

    So jealous! The weather today in Melbourne about 13 tops, grey and cold. I look forward to reading more about your adventures. Lots of love Granny

  3. Kelly Rogers permalink

    Wow what a great story Albee and Aiden…looks like you have been having such a wonderful time! The photos look amazing, lots of love Auntie Kelly xoxo

  4. Gerry permalink

    I’ve just caught up with the rest of your trip and you’re probably home already – loved the pics and your well-written comments. I think Singapore zoo is one of the greatest – we went there, on a 3-day stopover, on our way to Russia. What a great experience for you!…Gerry

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