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Damn it! We forgot once again to check on public holidays at our destinations before setting itineraries.

October 2, 2013

We forget to do this every time. We didn’t check on the public holidays for Cyprus and discovered 1 October was an important Independence Day celebration. It meant our inter-city bus timetables were running on weekend times, shops were closed, not many locals out and about etc. TRAVEL TIP: just google the public holiday dates for your destinations before you leave and you avoid last minute surprises.

From → Alex and Janine

  1. Trish Fisher permalink

    Got to have a few “moments” on every trip!!!

  2. Patricia fisher permalink

    Damm it! I have just discovered that every post I have commented on during this wonderful trip I did not click POST COMMENT!!! Until tonight. Don’t know where my brain was….maybe jealousy was eating away at me more than I thought. Please know Alex and Janine I have been enjoying following you, crying mostly that I am missing some wonderful experiences!!!!

    Keep safe Love Trish

    Sent from my iPad Trish Fisher

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