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Group travel adds an extra dimension (Best Of Southern Africa 2014 Group Tour).

October 2, 2014

DSC02266lrDSC02654lrDSC02657lrDSC02805lrDSC01834lrDSC01837lrDSC01838lrDSC01839lrDSC01891lrDSC02259lrDSC01816lrDSC01821lrDSC01826lrDSC01829lrDSC01830lrDSC01831lrDSC01832lrDSC01372lrDSC01460lrDSC01591lrDSC01712lrDSC01782lrDSC01791lrDSC01164lrDSC01166lrDSC01175lrDSC01184lrDSC01259lrDSC01361lrDSC01369lrDSC00984lrDSC00985lrDSC00986lrDSC00990lrDSC00992lrDSC01035lrDSC00897lrDSC00936lrDSC00937lrDSC00959lrDSC00962lrDSC00982lrDSC00983lrDSC00720lrDSC00731lrDSC00860lrDSC00863lrDSC00894lrDSC00896lrDSC00277lr DSC00286lr DSC00483lr DSC00524lr DSC00529lr DSC00530lrDSC00531lr DSC00533lr DSC00534lr DSC00535lr DSC00536lr DSC00538lr DSC00614lrSometimes we don’t stop to think about the benefits of group travel. Not just the more obvious ones – everything is organised for you (from that first transfer, to check-ins, to pre-paid entrance fees etc).

There are even greater advantages which contribute significantly to the enjoyment of a voyage.

It’s that extra dimension which comes with companionship. Sharing the stories as you travel along together. You don’t just see things through your own eyes alone; you broaden your experiences through the  different perspectives of the group.

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