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The nine days which preceeded our Southern Africa September 2014 Group Tour: the scenery of the Wild Coast, the Garden Route, Stellenbosch and winelands, Cape Town and Table Mountain.

October 2, 2014

DSC01129lrDSC01140lrDSC01146lrDSC01175lrDSC01219lrDSC01221lrDSC00927lrDSC00942lrDSC00952lrDSC00998lrDSC01017lrDSC01018lrDSC00688lrDSC00695lrDSC00775lrDSC00781lrDSC00885lrDSC00908lrDSC00921lrDSC00576lrDSC00599lrDSC00601lrDSC00664lrDSC00680lrDSC00685lrDSC00282lr DSC00303lr DSC00337lr DSC00369lr DSC00370lr DSC00384lrWe planned our Best of Southern Africa  2014 Group Tour itinerary to include nine wonderful days touring Southern Africa. It was a very good prelude to the safaris of the later stages of the tour.

The wines in South Africa were delicious.

You’ll be glad to hear that there were other highlights as well:

* Tstsikammma National Park – such beauty and rugged marine coastline. The suspension bridge was a great way to view this powerful beauty. We see some great camping, cabins and caravan sites- literally on the rugged coastline.
* The Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary in Knysna is the first real indication we get that we are in Africa and that it is indeed quite different to Australia. In Australia you don’t need a program to re-adjust monkeys from domestication in people’s houses to primate life in a forest home.
* The Birds of Eden free flight bird aviary (world’s largest) is a place where even non-bird lovers and amateur photographers get captivated by the variety and beauty of this place.
* Featherbed Nature Reserve – ferry across beautiful lagoon; vehicle and trailer drive to the top of the headland, spectacular views of the lagoon, heads, ocean and exclusive dwellings. Then 2,2km trail walk down to wonderful lunch (local ostrich shepherd’s pie, lentil bobotie, and local fish).
* Oude Werf Boutique Hotel, Stellenbosch – recommended.
* Lunch at La Petite Ferme.
* Table Top Mountain.
* Cape of Good Hope.
* Cape Town’s great restaurants, prime real estate, beaches.

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