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Where do you start with our Southern Africa 2014 Group Tour? The safaris of course!

October 2, 2014

DSC01497lowres DSC01498lowres DSC01523lowres DSC01543lr DSC01660lr DSC01627lr DSC01625lr DSC01616lr DSC01555lr DSC02358lr DSC02297lr DSC02253lr DSC01782lr DSC01687lr DSC02417lr DSC02496lr DSC02500lr DSC02550lr DSC02585lr DSC02750lr DSC02631lrThis discussion is always going to end up with the real highlight and what everyone comes here to see:W e came to see nature and animals in their natural environment. End of discussion; that definitely was the highlight.

We stayed at two wonderful safari camps on this trip. These notes are lifted straight from our notepad.
Arathusa Safari Lodge, Greater Kruger National Park: lions one minute lazing in the shade and next minute devouring a carcass – each man for himself and don’t forget the guttural roars from this scene; hyena in ex termite mound; zebras look great; poise of giraffes; leopard sparring with two giraffes and stalking impalas; and what about the two rhinos?
Pom Pom Camp, Botswana: Diversity is the key word here. More natural. Grasses and plains as well. Tents means you’re part of the experience – it’s what you see and hear that delights you. And clear, fresh air. Even the long light-aircraft flight to reach here gives you the thrill of being in the middle of emptiness and nature and exclusivity – you and the animals. Such happy, friendly people in BotswanaDSC01335 DSC01322 DSC01319 DSC01315 DSC01278 DSC01259. Great camp layout, tents, management and food. Canoe ride on delta. Elephants walking past our tent, leopard and cub, giraffes, lion asleep, lion roaring at 7.00am as he walks past our camp.

From → Alex and Janine

  1. Trish Fisher permalink

    Just what I have been waiting for. Fantastic photos as per usual. What an amazing experience.

    • We can always count on Trish Fisher to follow our posts. Thanks for the support Trish! Keep watching for a few more posts on our Southern Africa tour in the next couple of days. Cheers, Alex.

  2. Trish Fisher permalink

    No trip would be successful if the wine wasn’t up to standard eh Alex!!

  3. Gerry Mifsud permalink

    Looks like you had a great trip – wish I was there!

  4. Gerald Mifsud permalink

    Hi Alex

    Just catching up with the blogs – looks like you had a longish afternoon/evening finishing them off.

    It was good to relive the trip!


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