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For goodness sake don’t leave out these three from your itinerary if you’re travelling to Southern Africa.

October 3, 2014

DSC02000lrDSC02069lrDSC01987lrDSC02007lrDSC02019lrDSC02025lrDSC02043lrDSC02051lrDSC02052lrDSC01945lrDSC01949lrDSC01953lrDSC01963lrDSC01967lrDSC01968lrDSC01881lrDSC01882lrDSC01885lrDSC01887lrDSC01888lrDSC01929lrDSC01931lrDSC01046lr DSC01062lr DSC01063lr DSC01846;r DSC01862lr DSC01869lrDon’t ask why. Just do it. Include these on your itinerary if you’re going to Southern Africa:

*Victoria falls; *Robben Island; *Mukuni Village visit in Livingston, Zambia.

From → Alex and Janine

  1. Trish Fisher permalink

    Victoria Falls has taken my breath away ….so majestic. Each post makes me more envious that we did not join you on this journey!!!

  2. Gerald Mifsud permalink

    Hi Alex

    Was this an afterthought – and Danielle reminded you of it? Or did you just run out of time the first time around? I’m glad you had some photos of the Mukuni Village, which I missed out on.


    • No, this wasn’t an afterthought. I wanted to highlight these three because they added so much to our experiences. Cheers, Alex.

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