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Milan’s heart and soul more than make up for the drab bits.

May 3, 2015

Yes, there’s the grafitti and some pretty dull and uninspiring buildings. There are areas which some have described as industrial. But the heart and soul of Milan more than make up for it.

We are here at the start of a world Expo. Which means that the place has been cleaned up to receive an influx of tourists over the next month or so. It means, for instance, that the Duomo has undergone a maintenance and renovation. It means that a landmark like the Stazione Centrale is gleaming – a combination of airport standard amenities and exquisite architecture.

Even if you care nothing for fashion, these window displays are a thing of beauty and creativity and style.

Milanwe love your heart and soul.

image image image image image image image image image image

From → Alex and Janine

  1. kelly barrett permalink

    Hi Di, so wonderful to see photos! You look great, not jet-lagged at all! Milan looks lovely. I hope you plan on buying some clothes or shoes, you know you need them! Ha ha.
    We are all missing you already. I’ll be checking in to see more pictures, love Kelly xxx
    Ps Amaya left for Ularu this morning

    • Kelly. Thanks for following our blog again for this great trip. We are officially now conferring upon you the title of Hampton Travel & Cruise Blog Groupie. We’ll make sure that Diana gets your message and shopping tips. Keep following us…more coming up. Cheers, Alex.

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