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Do you want to hear an embarrassing travel story?

August 31, 2016


We had just arrived in wonderful Oslo, Norway. And although we were eager to start our city discovery, duty required us to load up on laundry for washing.

We received detailed advice, directions and a map from the hotel reception and headed out to find the laundromat.

It was quite a walk, but we found it.

It looked great, just like a cafe. That’s because it was a cafe. Just a cafe. Not a laundromat. A cafe called “Cafe Laundromat”.

We cried. Then we laughed. Then we put our heavy laundry bags down on the pavement and cried again.

We headed back to the hotel, still with our dirty laundry in our backpacks. Plus an embarrassing story to tell our tour group members.

From → Alex and Janine

  1. Janette permalink

    That is so funny – have a glass of wine xx

  2. Trish Fisher permalink

    If at first you don’t succeed … Try try and try again !!!!!!!!!

  3. Danielle Stucki permalink


  4. Gerry permalink

    …and if you google ‘cafe laundromat’, there are 36 pictures, and, THERE’S a laundromat there!

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