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Following my ancestry to Malta for my 70th Birthday in April 2017

March 11, 2017

You have to have a speech for your 70th Birthday. But where do you start? It should start in Alexandria, Egypt, where I was born. So how come I’ve invited family and friends to Malta? It makes sense if we take into account my origins and my ancestry. And my family name and my features, for  that matter. But how far back was that? It’s complicated and I can hardly understand it myself, let alone explaining it to others.

This is going to be a very difficult 70th Birthday speech to write…


From → Alex and Janine

  1. Gerry permalink

    Don’t include too much ancestry and history in your speech – we might still be there till your 80th!
    SO much looking forward to celebrating with you BRO, where it all started one day….Gerry

  2. Trish Fisher permalink

    We will be all ears Alex! Just hope I don’t nod off midway….He he ha….

    • I’m making you sit up the front Trish and you’ll get a gentle elbow in the ribs every time I see those eyes closing. Cheers, Alex.

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