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If I had my 70th Birthday dinner in Malta, would you come?

April 12, 2017

Hampton Travel & Cruise Director, Alex Mifsud, traced his roots back to Malta for his 70th and was joined by family and friends in the celebration. By the way, recommended is Piccolo Padre Restaurant, 194/5 Main St, St Julian’s – it’s popular and therefore you would need to book.

From → Alex and Janine

  1. Gerry permalink

    You should get a new follower of your blogs – Elissa Istvan (Mifsud/Sorati). She would have been on one of the trips, but couldn’t get time off work. I trust you’re eating and drinking yourself silly because it’s your birthday celebration holiday. Don’t tire yourself out before I get there!

  2. Trish Fisher permalink

    It’s your birthday lunch time in Melbourne and a group of excited travellers don’t want you to have too much fun before they get there….more eating and drinking on the way!!
    Enjoy your day, xxxxxx

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