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SPAIN CAMINO – Fully Escorted Walking Tour (Leon to Santiago de Compostela), June 2017

July 24, 2017


With nervous anticipation and excitement, our group of seven met at Melbourne airport on 1 June 2017 – bound for Leon via a night in Madrid – for our pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. With all our training of the past weeks complete, we were ready for the challenge of the next 14 days and the 300kms we needed to cover to reach our final destination of Santiago.

During the next two weeks, we walked and talked our way through numerous towns, cities and quaint cobblestone villages. We climbed many hills (reluctantly for some) and navigated several rocky descents. We trekked through green fields and vineyards as each day brought something new for us. There were plenty of rest stops along the way, many cups of tea and coffee consumed, and a mandatory slice of the infamous Santiago Cake or a cheeky beer or two to help lift the spirits of the group.

The camaraderie of our fellow pilgrims from all around the world was definitely a highlight for us as we made many friends along the way. It was fascinating to hear everyone’s stories and our table was often full of our new acquaintances each night.

We were always happy to reach our destination at the end of the day with most days walking between 20kms-30kms. Our accommodation was a mixture of hotels and charming village accommodation. We looked forward to a hot shower, a refreshing drink or two and a delicious dinner at the end of the day. We would debrief about our experiences on the trail, share stories of people we’d met, compare minor injuries or blister stories and talk about what the next day entailed for us.

Reaching Santiago was an emotional experience. Everyone was so proud of what they had achieved. Many of our group had moments of doubt about being able to complete the Camino, but they continued to put one foot in front of the other until finally we were celebrating with everyone else in Santiago.

Most of us enjoyed two nights in Santiago before we headed our separate ways. The town has a great vibe as we enjoyed our beautiful accommodation at Hotel Monumento, attended the Pilgrims’ Mass and enjoyed our last dinner together. We were blessed with great weather on the trip, good health and lovely friendships developed. A big thanks to my lovely walkers Eva, Fran, Pete, Helen, Pete and Sandra for making it such a fabulous experience.


I highly recommend this Camino for anyone who enjoys a holiday with a difference, who has a sense of adventure, enjoys beautiful scenery, loves meeting new people and of course for anyone who loves walking!!! This is a definite BUCKET LIST experience that suits all ages and fitness levels.

Ginny Fisher

Hampton Travel & Cruise

Group Tour Escort

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